Turbulence is uncomfortable but not dangerous. It is all part of flying. The most common type of turbulence is called “clear air turbulence”. Clear air turbulence is the turbulent movement of air such as clouds. Clear air turbulence occurs when cold and warm air come together however there are other factors that cause turbulence such as flying over mountains, heat,even flying over the meditarrean sea. … Continue reading Turbulence!

Monday motivation!

Use social media to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and expertise. It doesn’t matter the industry you are in or what you do, you have to get known and you don’t want to be known for the sake of being out there, you want to be known as the go to guy or girl in your industry. Most people are lazy and that’s a good thing … Continue reading Monday motivation!

12 ways to look good everyday

Even if you are not planning to leave the house. Certain habits add to you as a person. Waking up early Keep your face moisturiser always Exercise Keep your hair looking Hydrate; drink lots of water Put some makeup on Eat healthy Go to bed early Wear clothes you feel good in Listen to positive podcast messages; when you feel good on the inside it … Continue reading 12 ways to look good everyday