Fashion Friday! Igbo bride

I continue on the series I started last week on the different culture of brides we have in Nigeria. Today I am going to write about the Igbo bride. Most times the Igbo celebrate their traditional wedding at their hometown. The bride is required to carry a glass cup of palmwine, look for her husband to be in the crowd and when she finds him, … Continue reading Fashion Friday! Igbo bride


What Is Love? Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. Yes, an imperfect person, I wrote this in bold because as human beings we tend to forget that. As we celebrate love today I want you to remember that your partner isn’t perfect and you are not either. That doesn’t mean you should tolerate any form of physical or emotional abuse. When you are committed … Continue reading Love!

Airline Etiquette rules

Sleeping position It is advisable to get a neck pillow to avoid winding up sleeping on your neighbour’s shoulder. If you are in the middle or aisle seat avoid using the tray table as a headrest so that your neighbour can pass through without waking you up. Your odour Keep in mind that a strong cologne or perfume can be unpleasant and if you are … Continue reading Airline Etiquette rules